frontrow foto

My first camera was an Agfa 35mm film camera that I was given when I about 7. My early influencers in entertaining photography were mostly relatives, my Australian grandfather, a professional entertainer, my Uncle Bob with a keen eye for what looked good on film, my Antarctic explorer father for his rather large cupboard of cameras and lenses and lastly but by no means least, family friend George Rodger – co founder of Magnum Photos with Henri Cartier- Bresson and Robert Capa and certainly one of the icons of 20 century photography.

the next stages

With that team of influencers I carried a camera through 8 years service as an Officer in the Royal Navy with service in the Falklands and Arabian Gulf, to my first job as a civilian in Bahrain, to Australia and 20 years of corporate management in tourism, legal and consulting businesses.

Every step of my life has included photography, and entertainment – playing sax and flute with various bands and comedy shows.

In 2018 I bundled up all those skills and experiences and combined with John Walsh, a Photographer with over 20 years experience, formed Frontrow Foto. John has since moved to Brisbane and continues photography there.  In Cairns we’re still a full service photography company primarily specialising in portrait and people photography, ie. Profiles, Weddings, Parties, conferences, sporting, tourism, theatre and informal family shoots. Other avenues of photography that keeps us busy is commercial photography for advertisements and print, Corporate imagery for websites and annual reports for example and specialised commercial property. Some of this photography can include aerial imagery with the use of drones and high extension poles when in restrictive airspace. We’ll do anything for the shot. Since 2019 we have also included a lot more videography projects to our portfolio across the board.

paul furse

why frontrow foto?

Well there’s 2 reasons there, John and I both played rugby – both of us props – the Frontrow. We’ve been described as bookends on occasion. The other reason for the name Frontrow is that we’ve been closely involved with the Cairns Choral Society for several years and JUTE Theatre Company too, creating imagery of their productions for programs, cast profiles and the like. The best seats in the house are the Frontrow and we feel that our images are the best in the house.

Why spell photo wrong? When I was a kid, so many photos I saw in print were attributed to Popperfoto. This was the UK’s oldest and largest independently-owned image libraries, set up by Paul Popper in 1934. if “foto” was good enough for Popper it was good enough for me (and he was Czech so spelt it that way anyway).. so that’s how we became Frontrow Foto. After wading through that diatribe I bet you’re sorry you asked now.

How to arrange a photoshoot

Well it starts with a conversation, and being a photographer – I’m a visual person so if an assignment is one that needs anything more than simple shoot let’s catch up for a coffee and work out a plan.