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paul furse

Hi, I’m Paul. Photographer, joker, lover of life. If you know me, you’ll know that I enjoy making people happy and leaving them more uplifted than when we first meet. 

I was recently asked “how much of Paul do we get if we book you for our photography”.

That Paul, the entertainer, is the Paul they are asking about. So how much Paul do you get? Well, that depends and actually it’s more the style of Paul that you get, because I always give my best.

For example, during a wedding ceremony, it’s my job to capture those intimate moments whilst being as unobtrusive as possible, and that’s when you need Paul, the experienced photographer, with over 40 years behind the lens.

If you want corporate profiles or web imagery, you want the Paul that will put the sparkle into the eyes and create images that are spot on brand. If you’re holding an event, you want images that show engaged and vibrant guests, that’s when Paul the entertainer shows up.

So how much of Paul do you get? You’ll always get 100% of a professional photographer. What makes me different is my ability to influence the situation in order to create amazing imagery.